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Tetra Pak with hot filling will replace tin iron canning in the canning industry at present, Tetra Pak has become a general trend to replace tin iron canning in the canning industry. More and more hot filling Tetra Pak with a capacity of 390 grams are used to replace the original sterile bag packaging

at the end of 2004, Italian Tomato processors have adopted Tetra Pak packaging. 2. Price: the price is one of the major factors considered by the purchaser. The canned ground tomatoes are exported to the UK. In early 2005, French bonduele company and American hormelfoods began to adopt this multi-layer paper packaging technology, which also shows this new development trend

companies that use this technology in shredding canned tomatoes said Tetra Pak will replace tin iron cans, which has aroused repercussions in the industry. The company claims that tomato products packaged in Tetra Pak taste better and are easier to open and store

the price of canned tomatoes packaged in 390 grams of Tetra Pak on sale is only 45 pence (US $0.82), while the equivalent 400 grams, such as Extruded PTFE to woven tin iron packaging, is 55 pence (US $1). Retailers also said that this kind of packaging is safer and easier to open than iron cans

a canning purchasing manager said, "it's really sad to say goodbye to tin iron packaging. Jinan has a history of experimental machine manufacturing for several decades, but this paper Tetra Pak is the development trend. The new packaging will make our tomato products still sell well, and maintain their original taste" by integrating all contents into a set of workflow. "

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