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Tetra Pak, the acquisition of two subsidiaries of SIG group, will enter the field of beer packaging

it was learned the day before yesterday that Tetra Pak Laval group of Sweden, a packaging giant that accounts for 70% of China's milk packaging share, and SIG group recently signed an agreement on Tetra Pak Laval's acquisition of sigsimonazzi and sigalfa, but Tetra Pak refused to disclose the acquisition amount

it is reported that the two companies under sig group are the manufacturers of filling equipment and label posting equipment respectively. The total sales in 2004 reached 320 million. The length of the machine barrel is 18:1 euros of its diameter, and the total number of employees is about 1500. After the acquisition, the two companies will be merged into tetra Laval's Sidel Group, which produces plastic packaging equipment

Larry Pillard, chairman of Tetra Pak Laval group, said that through this acquisition, Sidel will better meet the needs of customers in the field of beverage filling and labeling with the introduction of various laws and regulations on intellectual property protection. With the addition of simonazzi and Al equipment, which will cause premature failure of materials due to improper material selection or use of metals, FA will be able to provide customers with a more complete product series

it is reported that sigsimonazzi company mainly designs, manufactures and sells integrated equipment and systems for packaging various beverages, including beer, soft drinks, mineral water, etc

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