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Tetra Pak will use image flexographic printing to upgrade aseptic packaging. Tetra Pak, the world's leading food processing and packaging solution provider, announced that it will comprehensively upgrade the aseptic Tetra Pak pillow packaging with optimized packaging capacity and advanced image flexographic printing technology, bringing new choices to customers who pay attention to the price ratio of packaging. The application of two new technologies in sterile Tetra Pak pillows not only solves the problem of small volume precise filling, but also makes the appearance of products more gorgeous and eye-catching. While the whole dairy industry is exploring good market strategies, new technologies will help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency while enhancing product differentiation and expanding brand influence, so as to achieve more with one stone

the innovative Tetra Pak optimal volume concept facilitates customers to accurately fill 70ml and 220ml small volume sterile Tetra Pak pillows, and a variety of packaging specifications can be selected, greatly reducing the waste of packaging materials. With advanced ecoflexo technology, the "west wind" prevailed over the "east wind" for the first time. The application of image printing technology in the packaging production of sterile Tetra Pak pillows created a great opportunity for customers to upgrade their product consumption experience and explore market opportunities

hemant krashak, product director of Tetra Pak, said that as a simple and economical packaging form, sterile Tetra Pak pillows have helped customers win consumers who pursue cost-effective products on the premise of ensuring the nutritional value of drinks. Now, with the concept of optimal capacity and the use of image flexographic printing technology, customers can better achieve both cost and value while improving the shelf performance of products

preferred capacity will comprehensively upgrade the utilization rate of packaging materials

before the birth of the preferred capacity solution, customers can only achieve small volume filling by not filling 250ml and 100ml sterile Tetra Pak pillows. Based on its insight into the needs of customers for production cost savings, Tetra Pak has developed a low-cost preferred capacity packaging kit. Now, customers only need to change Tetra Pak? The pipe diameter and jaw length of A1 filling machine can realize the precise filling of 220ml and 70ml small packages

optimized capacity can bring unprecedented productivity to customers. According to hemantkrashak, product director of Tetra Pak, equipped with the preferred volume kit, Tetra Pak A1 filling machine can fill up to 13000 220ml sterile Tetra Pak pillows per hour, and the change speed is 1 ⑶ 60 °/min continuously adjustable; The production capacity is 8.5% higher than that of 250ml packaging

image flexographic printing is the first initiative to improve the expressiveness of packaging.

applying image flexographic printing technology to economical sterile paper packaging is Tetra Pak's first initiative to meet customers' product upgrading needs. This technology reduces the influence of speckles through the improvement of paper, ink, roll line number, paper roll and dot enlargement rate. It can complete the image printing of photo effect on uncoated paperboard, which will bring more wonderful visual pleasure to consumers

as the first batch of Chinese customers to benefit from this technology, Mr. Liu Jun, deputy general manager of Xi'an Yinqiao dairy industry, highly recognized Tetra Pak China's innovation in the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China: image flexography technology to promote blow molding is to use gas pressure to blow the hot parison closed in the mold into hollow products, which has improved our brand image and packaging design expressiveness. Since using this technology, our products have received more consumer attention, and its sales have also increased by more than 10 percentage points

at present, Tetra Pak has four factories around the world, including Tetra Pak's packaging materials factories in Beijing and Hohhot, to provide customers with sterile Tetra Pak pillow packaging using image flexography technology. China is Tetra Pak's largest market for economic packaging. Tetra Pak will continue to keep up with demand changes, grasp market dynamics, and help Chinese customers tap into the dairy consumer market to achieve steady growth in customer business

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