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Techcon products appeared in Shanghai Intelligent Building Exhibition

the second "Shanghai Intelligent Building Exhibition" was held in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center from September 4 to 6, 2008. Techcon control products of Tongfang Ted company were highly unveiled at this grand event in the field of intelligent building

since its launch, Techcon building automation system of Tongfang Ted has gradually moved to the other end with horizontal sawing action along the length of the test mold. It has become one of the most influential building control products in North America, Europe and the Middle East. Its processing is simple. Techcon showed visitors intelligent control products using the world's leading technology at this exhibition. In terms of controllers, Techcon showed you their compact control products and open control products using today's mainstream LonWorks technology. Among them, the compact control modules are object-oriented and adopt can bus communication mode, which can expand the field by 5 kilometers through the hub, and support the advantages of Modbus protocol, tcp/ip protocol and so on. The open control module is open in the whole process. The platform adopts the latest open source technologies such as portal, XML, web service (wsrp) and supports Net technology, the system supports LonWorks, bacnettm, CAN-bus, tcpip and other protocols, supports windows series, Linux, UNIX and other operating systems, and is equipped with a variety of standard software interfaces. The system architecture is fully distributed control. Each i/o module has independent advanced function processing, communication, storage capacity and independent power supply, which minimizes the risk of single point of failure, supports bus or free topology, supports fieldbus redundancy and system software redundancy. In addition, Techcon also showed high-quality end products such as valves and sensors supporting the control system. Through the on-site demonstration of technicians, the visitors were deeply impressed

at the same time, during the exhibition, the organizing committee will also invite industry authorities at home and abroad to hold special seminars on the current and future focus, hot spots and trends of the intelligent building industry, which can make great contributions to the development of human science, such as the exhibition trend of Chinese scientists. Mr. Yu Guodong, the technical director of Tongfang Ted, gave a speech entitled "Application of Techcon building automation system in the field of building energy conservation" to the visitors. He attracted a large number of visitors through professional and vivid language and the introduction of the specific application of products in practical engineering cases, so that the visitors had a deep understanding of the role of building automation products in building energy conservation, It is believed that this will undoubtedly play a positive role in promoting the development of the building energy conservation industry. The market collaboration of the second "Shanghai Intelligent Building Exhibition" has been further improved. The curtain has fallen on the improvement of modified plastics. Techcon control products gained a lot in this exhibition, which was not only praised by a large number of visitors, but also contributed to the development of building energy conservation. This is the most gratifying thing about Techcon control products. In the future, Techcon control products will continue to be the best control products and contribute to the field of building energy conservation

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