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Tektronix upgraded the arbitrary waveform generator and launched a new "C" series

Beijing, China - September 17, 2010 - Tektronix, the leading manufacturer in the global oscilloscope market, recently announced the launch of AWG7000C and AWG5000C series arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs), which enhanced the performance and applicability of the industry's most powerful family of signal generation solutions

compared with the previous AWG instruments, the new c-series Tektronix AWG reduces the waveform creation time by 45%, which is crucial for those applications that require extremely high performance for effectively verifying high-speed serial and broadband rf/microwave designs, because these applications often require a large number of waveforms. According to customer feedback, the new c-series AWG incorporates many popular features of the previous generation AWG, including formulator, dynamic jump and subsequence. The new model is also equipped with a brighter LED display, which provides faster performance and stronger security through the use of Microsoft Windows 7 operating system

Lynne camp, vice president of high performance products of tech, said: the verification, verification and debugging of complex designs require that ideal or distorted real-world signals be created or reproduced quickly and easily. With a sampling rate of up to 24 gs/s, Tektronix AWG has become the only single device signal generation solution in the current market that can generate up to 9.6 GHz arbitrary broadband modulated signals. This level of performance, versatility and applicability is unmatched in today's industry

the most versatile signal generation solution in the industry

many key market segments require high-performance arbitrary waveform generators, including the design and verification tasks of avionics, radar, short-range wireless fields such as ultra wideband (UWB), wirelesshd and wigig, as well as high-speed serial receiver testing

by using direct synthesis to accurately create broadband waveforms, the AWG7000 series is very suitable for the development of RF fields such as wide modulation bandwidth radar and communication systems. Unlike other arbitrary waveform generators whose bandwidth is limited below 2GHz, AWG7000 provides a bandwidth that can meet the market demand, making it the most flexible signal generation product in the market for these and other fields when the operation is relatively simple and the fracture is very close to both ends of the test piece

The AWG7000 series provides a 6 Gbps data rate in the application field of high-speed serial design, which can realize accurate verification. Different from the traditional Ma generator and bit error meter, the AWG series provides a high-resolution ability to generate actual damaged signals, making it easier and faster to identify the margin and problem areas

the dynamic jump and subsequence provided in the AWG7000 and AWG5000 series allow the creation of extremely complex waveform scenes, including damage, distortion and various modulation modes. With the new formulator, customers can now easily create waveform files from the formulas they use to define waveform requirements

as an integral part of Tektronix's perfect test solution, AWG is an ideal tool for rf/microwave and serial designers, which can perfectly cooperate with RFXpress or SerialXpress software packages. RFXpress simplifies the creation of complex broadband signals in radar and communication applications. SerialXpress allows the creation of accurate waveforms for design verification, margin/verification, and conformance testing of high-speed serial data receivers, and greatly simplifies signal creation and jitter simulation, thereby shortening the overall development and testing time

time to market

awg5000 and AWG7000 series can be ordered immediately

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