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Tektronics launched a new platform to improve the efficiency of core testing

Beijing, China. On February 1, 2010, Tektronics, the world's leading provider of network intelligence and communication testing solutions, recently launched the spectra2u core testing platform for the spect3, tensile testing machine, whose main motor source is powered but the equipment cannot move up and down ra2 protocol testing product line. Spectra2u is based on Intel Dual Quad Core processing architecture, which enables network device hierarchical permission use management manufacturers and telecom operators to test the functions, consistency, working performance and media quality of NGN, VoIP and converged networks, all of which are completed on a high-capacity multi-user testing platform. Spectra2u supports signaling and media testing of IP and TDM interfaces at low cost

the use of spectra2u in the manufacture of electronic universal experimental machine provides the best ease of use and automatic testing function in the industry, which can increase the call control capacity of the original platform by up to 5 times and the SIP terminal capacity by up to 2 times. Richard kenedi, vice president and general manager of test and optimization Department of tech communications, said that in terms of core testing, spectra2u can be upgraded on site to achieve capacity and port expansion, and can realize multi-user shared test interface board

some advantages of spectra2u platform include:

High Command and media performance testing

hundreds of thousands of terminal simulation

faster user response, better user experience

multi-user shared test interface board

single test interface board supports PSTN and NGN protocol testing

field researchers can do experimental capacity expansion, No additional hardware is needed

all the software on the old platform can be transplanted to the new platform

it is easy to carry, and it can also support the shelves

the latest cutting-edge spectra2u platform improves the test efficiency, Especially when used in combination with the newly released spectra2 v7.0 software, it provides the following functions:

ISUP and TCAP testing based on M2PA

support changing the media encoding and decoding method during calls through SIP re invite method

multi protocol performance testing: single user and single interface perform multi protocol performance testing at the same time

h248v3 support testing multi-party calls Message segmentation and TISPAN ia interface

PC based low-cost spectra2|se testing solution supports Sigtran based ISUP, TCAP and BICC testing

whether it is testing NGN protocols (such as SIP, H.248 or diameter), or PSTN protocols (such as ISUP, BICC or TCAP), spectra2 of teccom can provide solutions that meet your core testing needs

about Tektronics spectra2 protocol analyzer

spectra2 is a perfect core testing solution, which provides monitoring, function testing, performance testing and media testing functions for a full range of NGN, IMS, VoIP and traditional networks. To learn more about this solution, please visit:

about Tektronics

Tektronics provides a complete and unparalleled network diagnosis and management solution for fixed network, mobile network, IP network and multi service integration network for network operators and equipment manufacturers around the world. This complete solution portfolio supports LTE, fixed and mobile network convergence, IMS, broadband wireless access, WiMAX, VoIP and three in one structures and applications, including IPTV. Tektronics is headquartered in Richard, Texas. For more information on Tektronix communication testing, measurement and network monitoring solutions, please visit:

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