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The external market fell back in technology, and Shanghai Rubber opened low.

on Thursday, Tokyo rubber opened low in the morning, and the price opened. Compared with that, the technical correction began; Affected by the low opening of Japanese glue, Shanghai glue also opened lower in the morning, and the range was large. However, with the intervention of buying power, the futures price rose wave by wave, and the price remained oscillating near the closing price of the previous trading day. The main feature of the session is the smooth grease of the bearings, which can be seen as the continued reduction of positions in the main 601 contract and the continued increase of positions in the 603 contract

technically, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Futures glue has oscillated in a wide range for three consecutive transactions. There is a certain pressure on the top. Family rule and nepotism still occupy a large proportion of gravity in China's private enterprises. Now it has touched the lower 5-day moving average. If it still cannot make an upward breakthrough in the next twoorthree trading days, there is a possibility of short-term technical decline

in terms of information: traders said on the 11th that the Thai rubber plantation could not be cut due to rainfall, resulting in a reduction in supply. It is expected that the price of Thai rubber will continue to rise in the next few days. A trader said that the supply of natural rubber is very scarce, so he believes that exporters do not have enough inventory to fulfill their contracts, and the delivery time may be postponed again. Another trader said that the Tianjiao trading market was in chaos

suggestion: the main idea continues to be bullish, but if there are many short-term profits, we should keep an eye on the market. If the consistency does not change and cannot rise, we will take short-term profits

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