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Polyurethane Construction of pilot ship safety protection barrier

the new pilot ship produced by the British Holyhead shipping company will be officially launched into service in Harwich harbor in February next year. Trelleborg participated in the manufacture of the ship and provided advanced solutions to extend the service life of the ship

Keith Horne from Trelleborg group said that the pilot ship plays a great role in navigation. "The hard rubber protective cover usually used can not withstand the impact of the pilot ship sailing day after day." They are easy to wear and tear, and their quality gradually decreases over time. In contrast, the protective cover of the incoming ship in Harwich harbor is completely designed in different ways. Keith Horne firmly believes that this will double the service life of the pilot ship

Trelleborg and camarc ship design company worked together to attach hollow polyethylene pipes to the outermost layer of the ship's protective cover. The tube bends and rebounds under impact, which diffuses most of the impact laterally, so that the pressure dissipates under the action of a large-area shell rather than directly acting on the interior of the ship. Behind the polyethylene pipe is a thin-walled shaped shock absorber. The second part of the protective cover is made of low-density closed cell foam and wrapped with a solid fiber reinforced polyurethane elastomer surface layer, which can minimize the impact. It is an indispensable part of the new Harwich ship. Therefore, the thermal analysis technology, infrared technology, X-ray fluorescence technology and the standard analysis method of packaging materials and containers in direct contact with drugs (YBB method) were used to further analyze whether the samples were mixed with recycled materials. Keith Horne said that the manufacturing of the ship "fully controlled the impact"

Cliff br "and, the head of Harwich seaport, confirmed the firmness of the ship. He explained that the pilot ship would undertake a 13 mile" point-to-point "pilotage mission. "Pilot ships must ensure the safety of themselves and their fleet, and even encounter bad weather from time to time. Therefore, the protection system will bear heavy pressure, and must be able to eliminate the impact impact on the ship. And the cost of material preparation has decreased significantly."

in the process of protective cover design, comfort is also a factor that must be considered, because if the ship is well protected, the vibration to the human body will be small. Keith Horne said that he once navigated with the pilot ship to observe the pressure on the ship, although it was on a sunny day, "you can clearly feel how important a good protective cover plays when a heavy ship is sailing."

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