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Quantification was rated as 36 krypton wise to realize the tightening movement of various springs, elastomers and elastic components. E conference "king of AI business applications"

original title: quantification was rated as 36 krypton wise conference "king of AI business applications" from November 27 to 28. Original title: quantification was rated as 36 krypton wise conference "king of AI business applications"

from November 27 to 28, The "king of the new economy - wise 2018 new business conference" hosted by 36 krypton was held in Beijing. Li Xiaojia, chief executive of the Hong Kong stock exchange group, and Thomas, Nobel Laureate in economics, were invited to the conference Sargent, CEO Lu Qi, the founder of YC China, and Xu Jingwei, the managing director of Credit Suisse Asia Pacific, and hundreds of other new economic leaders jointly discussed the mode change and business innovation of the new economy under the deep integration of new capital, new technology and new information. At the meeting, jg/t 3029 (1) 995, a lightweight strip for residential interior partition, was a quantitative School of new economy representative enterprises, and was rated as the "king of artificial intelligence business applications" this year by virtue of its good business model, innovative practice and industry reputation

focus on the companies that are most likely to change the future

today, technologies such as semiconductor, Internet, mobile Internet, big computing, artificial intelligence, IOT are empowering more companies and industries. People no longer deliberately distinguish between the so-called virtual economy and the real economy. Consumption, retail, automobile, manufacturing, and even the cities we live in... Are undergoing profound changes

in this wave of innovation sweeping the world, as Paul Romer, the winner of the 2018 Nobel Prize in economics, said: technological progress is the driving force for growth in a country

this time, 36 krypton, as a media that continuously observes and reports on the new economy, takes "scale" and "high growth force" as basic indicators, scores each company with "dehydration valuation" around the company's user growth data, valuation data and investor expertise, and opens the 2018 "king of the new economy" selection, mining the leading innovative companies that are growing at a high speed and reshaping the industry from many subdivisions of the new economy, Krypton believes that it is meaningful to identify nearly 100 "king of the new economy" companies. In today's primary market, competition is particularly fierce, and investors are increasingly cautious. In a difficult environment, we need to focus on the companies that are most likely to change the future. Only when we see who will create the future, can we better help them grow

the inflection point from cloud to end has bred good development opportunities for enterprises.

as AI leads in addition to its long-lasting heat aging resistance, the field continues to develop in depth to various industries such as finance, security, medical treatment and education, and enterprise cooperation and resource integration have become new development goals. Some analysts believe that AI is expected to achieve the inflection point from cloud to end this year and become a new engine to promote the development of strategic emerging industries

at the critical time when AI is applied as a new technology, at the transformation point of Tob market, "The company can't break through quickly without three basic elements: first, industry big data. AI is based on big data and used by more and more people, so the background machine will become more and more accurate at the policy level; second, core algorithms, such as the current breakthrough in the ability of core algorithms based on deep neural networks; third, senior experts in the industry, because they gather the best human capabilities. Only when these basic conditions are met, can new technology Technology and specific scenes are effectively combined to help industrial upgrading "

quantification group has independently developed a commercial large-scale intelligent service platform quantum Rubik's cube by using machine learning algorithms, distributed systems and underlying infrastructure. Through diversified, scenario based, refined and customized solutions and services, it has not only carried out in-depth strategic cooperation with domestic leading urban commercial banks, leading rural commercial banks and other financial institutions, helping them achieve the whole process of technological transformation The seamless connection with the era of smart finance also helps improve the efficiency of online and offline diversified retail consumption scenarios and supply chains

the field of artificial intelligence needs sober and objective judgment and solid efforts.

"before AI got up in 2014, we thought about how to significantly improve the efficiency of some vertical segmentation industries through big data," said founder Zhou Hao, "As a quantitative School of data-driven technology companies, we first chose to start from the financial industry, after repeated consideration and exploration: first, because finance is the foundation of society, which is connected with all scenes, and is a channel to reach all walks of life and a large number of users. Through finance, we can naturally and conveniently link to the next scene; second, the combination of Finance and consumers can meet various needs of consumers At the same time, we can also provide convenient and fast services for consumers in various industries according to the data. The core team members of quantification are all from capital one, Google, Morgan Stanley, BlackRock, Barclays and LinkedIn. They have rich experience in data science and data finance, so they can also help the company quickly implement technology and apply it to different scenarios. "

at present, quantipai has established cooperative relations with more than 300 institutions and enterprises at home and abroad, including financial, social, e-commerce, travel, automotive, tourism and other industries, with 1billion user relationships and tens of millions of C-end users, deposited a large amount of diversified data, and established a good industry reputation in the industry

not only that, quantification school also infiltrates into more diversified scenes through technological innovation in big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc., such as introducing intelligent customer service and intelligent voice into tourism scenes; Try to cooperate with retail enterprises to optimize the business model; Make intelligent transactions in quantitative transactions; At the same time, the quantification group has also begun to make a layout in intelligent robots, intelligent agriculture, rural areas and farmers

"what we need to do is to be steady and make progress in stability". Zhou Hao said

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