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The contrarian growth of "quality model Zoomlion creation" series

the contrarian growth of "quality model Zoomlion creation" series

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since 2015, Zoomlion forklift has been sharing Zoomlion's brand, technology, sales channels, Finance and other advantageous resources, and has increased the pace of enterprise development and expanded market share through brand construction, R & D upgrading, quality improvement, market channel construction and other ways, Under the severe situation that the market of the whole industry has declined by nearly 20%, the company has developed all electric injection machine numerical control devices with independent intellectual property rights, special numerical control devices for electro-hydraulic servo injection machines, servo drive systems of various specifications, and exchange permanent magnet synchronous servo Electromechanical, the business has achieved contrarian growth

Zoomlion forklifts are ready to go

in January, Zoomlion industrial vehicles Co., Ltd. carried out a series of tour activities of "ingenious works and sincere appreciation" around the world, from landing promat2015 to show the international model of national brands, to the recent opening of zuogezhuang franchise store in North China, Shandong Weifang product appreciation meeting, the opening of the first 4S store in Foshan Kemeida in South China, Northwest Product appreciation meeting and other market activities, as well as subsequent market activities in East China, Jiangsu Anhui, Brazil, Tunisia and other regions relay the domestic tour of Zoomlion forklift truck. Judging from the current performance, the market responded enthusiastically. During the recent event, more than 1000 sales orders were achieved

from the market performance and customer response, we know that the improvement of brand awareness and influence has made customers more interested in the performance of Zoomlion forklift truck products. In the future, quality supervision and random inspection will mainly start from seven aspects, and the daily consultation volume and transaction volume will increase significantly. Domestic sales can also meet the unique needs of different brand companies (OEMs) beyond various international standards. While the sales performance is rising, Overseas orders are also endless. In order to actively respond to market orders, the average daily warehousing volume of forklift products of the company is no less than 40. In January 2015, the company successfully made a good start in the first quarter and achieved a new breakthrough in production and sales at home and abroad. In 2015, the channel capacity of domestic forklift business continued to improve, high-quality channels and key customers continued to increase, and there were more than 100 marketing service points, covering most prefecture level cities and economically developed counties and towns in the country. The market share of some regions has been in the forefront of the industry, and the average sales volume of a single point has also increased from 47 in 2014 to 55 now. Based on the development of core channels, the company strengthens the construction of secondary networks and the development of key customer resources, and gives policy support to core points and mainstream customers

ready to go

customer satisfaction has always been a constant topic of the company, the top priority of service work, and the commitment and guarantee of Zoomlion forklift truck to customers. The company provides high-quality service with exquisite technology, pays attention to the different needs of customers in various stages such as purchase, use, maintenance, maintenance and update, and brings value-added economic benefits to customers through rapid response and considerate service, so that customers can continuously improve the quality of operations. At the same time, Zoomlion forklift has also set up a professional parts Service Center, which can provide customers with high-quality parts and special oil products at the first time, and has set up nearly 200 parts service points nationwide to ensure the speed and accuracy of parts distribution and meet the needs of customers in different regions, different periods of time and different products

in order to further consolidate the market, strengthen the communication and understanding between enterprises and customers, the company organizes agents to carry out after-sales service activities, check and maintain vehicles for customers free, replace vulnerable parts for free, understand the working conditions of products, make adaptive improvement, collect outstanding problems reflected by customers, fill in detailed visit records, and answer difficult problems raised by customers and dealers, so as to enhance customers' passion and confidence, Further improve the sales, service, technology, quality and other aspects of Zoomlion forklift

now in the period of industrial adjustment, Zoomlion industrial vehicles has also ushered in a new round of resource integration in the industry. At the same time, with the help of the new opportunity of Zoomlion's transformation and upgrading to high-end intelligent service-oriented manufacturing industry, I believe that with the joint efforts of agents and friends across the country and even around the world, Zoomlion industrial vehicles will be able to successfully achieve the annual sales target in 2015, And further stabilize and improve the dominant position of Zoomlion forklift in the industry

It can not only reduce the cost

looking forward to the future, there is a long way to go. Zoomlion forklift will continue to create greater value for customers and win a better reputation through product innovation, technological innovation, brand refining and service upgrading; Adhere to higher standards, better quality and better service, and win the favor of the market and the praise of customers

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