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Quantum communication: standing at the forefront of the global industry

"protect every bit with quantum technology." This sentence succinctly and clearly shows the responsibilities entrusted to quantum communication technology. Quantum communication, as a new communication method to realize unconditional and secure information transmission from the physical mechanism, has become the focus of the global information and communication industry. From the realization of 13 km free space quantum key and entanglement distribution in 2005, to the successful launch of the world's first quantum science experiment satellite "Mozi" in August last year, and then to the completion of the world's longest quantum secure communication "Beijing Shanghai trunk line" in December last year, in more than a decade, from scratch, from weak to strong, China's quantum communication technology has ranked among the world's leading positions in recent years, attracting extensive attention from the international community. The British magazine Nature pointed out in a special report on the research results of quantum communication in China: "in the field of quantum communication, China has spent less than a decade to develop from an insignificant country to the current world power, ahead of Europe and the United States."

at the same time, industrialization has also made breakthroughs. At present, with the strong support of the state, China has cultivated Guoke quantum communication network Co., Ltd., which is committed to building a satellite ground wide area quantum confidential communication backbone network, building an enabling and open platform for quantum security services, and promoting the large-scale application of quantum technology in emerging ICT fields such as military civilian integration, government affairs, finance, energy and 5g, And China's largest quantum communication equipment manufacturer and quantum information system service provider, science and technology giant Dun Quantum Technology Co., Ltd. With the in-depth development of industrial applications, the ecosystem continues to improve and flourish, leading the global industrial development

rise to the national strategic level

technology research and development takes the lead

"quantum communication with quantum key distribution as the core can improve the security level of users' existing network transmission links, and is a widely recognized secure communication scheme for sustainable development." Wang Jianquan, vice president of Guoke quantum communication network Co., Ltd., told China Electronics News

at present, the situation of network information security is becoming increasingly complex. As a new communication method to realize unconditional and secure information transmission from the physical mechanism, quantum communication is of great significance for China to seize the strategic commanding height and ensure network and information security. At present, quantum communication has risen to the national strategic level. The outline of the 13th five year plan clearly requires that we should strengthen the forward-looking layout in information networks and other fields, focus on building quantum communication and ubiquitous secure IOT, and create new advantages for future development. The "13th five year plan" for the development of national strategic emerging industries clearly puts forward "to continue to promote the application of quantum key technology". The national innovation driven development strategy outline, the 13th five year plan for national scientific and technological innovation, the 13th five year plan for national informatization and other policies clearly require the promotion of quantum communication construction

what makes Chinese people proud is that China currently plays the role of global "leader" in the research and development of quantum communication technology. "In the field of quantum communication, China's technological R & D strength has ranked first in the world, which mainly benefits from three aspects: first, strong national support, second, independent innovation, and third, demand traction." Zhao Yong, President of kedadaodun Quantum Technology Co., Ltd., said in an interview, "at the beginning, when China was engaged in quantum communication research, it was a 'no man's land', and there was no mature case abroad for reference. After more than ten years of efforts in academia, China's quantum communication technology has made remarkable achievements in core technology. At the same time, driven by the two wheels of 'technology + industry', the industrialization level is also constantly improving."

with the support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and other departments, China has formed a strong theoretical and experimental technology reserve in the field of quantum communication. In particular, the "Mozi" quantum satellite has completed the three preset scientific goals (thousand kilometer quantum entanglement distribution, satellite earth high-speed quantum key distribution, earth satellite quantum teleportation) in advance in August this year, and the relevant scientific research achievements have been published in the international authoritative academic journals "science" and "nature". In particular, on June 16, 2017, science magazine published in the form of a cover paper the relevant work results of the quantum science experiment satellite "Mozi", which was the first in the world to achieve the thousand kilometer level satellite ground two-way quantum entanglement distribution. Several reviewers of science magazine praised the achievement as "a major technological breakthrough with potential practical applications and the importance of scientific research with high basic transmission accuracy", and asserted that "it will have a very great impact on the academic community and the general public". British magazines such as new scientist believe that this is an important milestone, marking the first step in the success of quantum interconnection

network construction has entered the "fast lane"

the group level is world leading

information network is a national strategic public infrastructure. The rapid development of new business models such as cloud computing, big data, IOT, and triple convergence and the evolution of next-generation information network technology have increasingly high requirements for the quality and security of information transmission. Under the background that information technology based on microelectronics technology is about to reach the physical limit, quantum communication technology based on the principle of quantum mechanics can instantly detect eavesdropping and achieve high security encrypted communication services, which has become the strategic development focus of major developed countries in the information field

"at present, the world is accelerating the deployment of long-distance quantum communication networks, and China is in the global leading position in the construction of quantum secure communication networks." Wang Jian said in an all-round way

it is reported that the "demonstration project of technology verification and application of quantum secure communication 'Beijing Shanghai trunk line" is under construction. The trunk line, with a total length of more than 2000 kilometers, connects Beijing and Shanghai and runs through Jinan, Hefei and other places. After it was completed at the end of December 2016, it was successfully docked with the "Mozi" quantum science experiment satellite launched on August 16, 2016, marking the initial establishment of the world's first satellite ground integrated wide area quantum secure communication network, and successfully maintaining China's international leading position in the practicality of quantum communication technology

it is understood that the "Beijing Shanghai trunk line" has passed the general technical acceptance on August 30, 2017. The completion of the "Beijing Shanghai trunk line" shows that China has achieved long-distance quantum security key distribution based on trusted relay scheme for the first time in the world, and verified the management ability of large-scale quantum security communication network based on the multi node quantum key security relay technology of XOR relay scheme jointly written by Scott Bader and renuables, a British composite company, It has tested and improved the maturity and stability of quantum secure communication equipment, and promoted the development and manufacture of quantum key relay equipment, optical quantum switch, wavelength division multiplexing and other channel products. Compared with other foreign manufacturers, the products are more abundant and have obvious advantages in establishing multi node metropolitan areas and large trunk networks

since the implementation of China's quantum secure communication "Beijing Shanghai trunk line", major developed countries and regions have accelerated their strategic deployment in the field of quantum communication. In particular, the United States has deployed a 10000 kilometer quantum secure communication backbone around the United States that provides quantum security services for the communication between the data centers of Internet giants such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and the European Union has deployed support from the flagship program of quantum technology, And the pan European quantum secure interconnection, which is planned to be completed by 2030, South Korea has deployed the South Korean national quantum secure communication network, which is funded by the Ministry of scientific information communication and future planning (MSIP) and led by SK Telecom and is planned to be completed by 2020

a few days ago, industry applications have blossomed at multiple points

"quantum +" expand the industrial ecosystem

when a new technology appears, industrialization is undoubtedly the only way to expand its vitality. China's quantum communication has never stopped the pace of industrialization. It has made a series of remarkable achievements not only in the production and network deployment of quantum communication core technology and key devices, but also in the application

in fact, the research on quantum communication has existed for a long time. The reason why it has attracted widespread attention in recent years is that the launch of quantum satellites, the opening of the Beijing Shanghai trunk line and many demonstration applications of quantum communication have cleared the obstacles to the large-scale application of quantum, and let everyone see the broad prospects and more possibilities of industrial applications

while seeing the possibility of more application scenarios, there have been many doubts about quantum communication in the past two years, even from many well-known experts in the field of communication. Zhao Yong said that when every new thing is born and every new industry appears, it will be accompanied by all kinds of questions. In the face of questions, first of all, welcome questions. Secondly, in the face of questions, the best way to respond is to come up with applications, so that everyone can see the real application effects, and questions can cause everyone to explore more and make devices and applications more perfect

"we should open the gate of application, combine quantum communication with more ICT systems and applications, realize business innovation and product innovation, and enable quantum communication to expand and serve more industries and fields." Wang Jianquan told China electronic news

it is reported that at present, relying on the "Beijing Shanghai trunk line" and the metropolitan areas along the line, China has the ability to provide quantum security application services for multiple industries and fields. Quantum communication has successfully carried out different types of demonstration applications in the financial field, cloud data center, electric power and public security, procuratorial and law enforcement and other industries

in the financial field, it has entered financial institutions including industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, Bank of communications, China Minsheng Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and so on. The China Banking Regulatory Commission has written quantum communication into the "13th five year" development plan of the banking industry. The people's Bank of China has launched the application demonstration of quantum communication technology of RMB cross border receipt and payment information management system (RCPMIS), and plans to promote it system wide when conditions are ripe. In the field of cloud data center, Alibaba cloud has tested and verified the technical integration of quantum devices and public cloud platforms since September 2014, and jointly released cloud quantum communication products in October 2015. At present, Alibaba cloud is gradually migrating various types of cloud states such as government affairs, finance, e-commerce, etc. to the quantum security domain to deepen the application of quantum communication. In the field of power, through cooperation with Guodian, the encrypted transmission of important business data and information in the field of power between disaster recovery centers in Beijing and Shanghai using quantum secure communication technology has been realized, and the security protection of internal office and external business based on quantum secure communication technology has been carried out. In the field of politics and law, the quantum communication specialist of Jinan party and government organs has begun to operate, serving the party, government, public security and judicial organs of Jinan, and will be promoted to the whole province; The Supreme People's court and the Anhui Provincial High Court are carrying out quantum video pilot business, and hope to promote it to the whole system when conditions are ripe. In other fields, such as armed police, procuratorate and medical big data, application demonstration is gradually advancing

"in the future, larger applications will be in the field of mass consumption. To promote the application of quantum communication in the field of mass consumption, we need to reduce the technical threshold of quantum communication, quantum encryption, quantum security and other applications, and make them more convenient and popular. In this regard, we can learn from the ideas and practices of Internet companies and cloud computing companies to build enablers

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