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Quantum dot microsphere (qlumis) technology leads the LED industry into a new horizon

recently, the world's first quantum dot microsphere LED product release and application seminar was held in Tianjin, a beautiful city around the Bohai Sea. At the meeting, different types of quantum dot packaging devices and quantum dot lighting products were released around quantum dot microsphere materials

Tianjin Zhonghuan electronic lighting technology Co., Ltd., the main reliable organizer of this quantum dot product launch, is a national high-tech enterprise with internationally leading independent intellectual property rights of quantum dots, and now has many international and domestic leading patented technologies, such as qlms, qd-alef, hb-qled, etc. The company has established three core businesses: advanced packaging materials based on the preparation of quantum dot materials, LED packaging devices based on composite quantum fluorescent materials, and high-quality and high color rendering quantum dot lighting products

the experts attending this meeting mainly include Ms. Guan Baiyu, Secretary General of China semiconductor lighting/led industry and application alliance, Mr. Wang Zhuo, Secretary General of China Lighting Appliance Association, Mr. Hu Chunming, Secretary General of liquid crystal branch of China Optical and Optoelectronic Industry Association, Mr. Sun Xiaobin, director of policy and government affairs of China OLED industry alliance and BOE, Mr. Xu Zheng, director of the Institute of optoelectronic technology of Beijing Jiaotong University, Ms. niupingjuan, Secretary of the school of electrical engineering and automation of Tianjin University of technology, and Mr. Yuan Mingjian, Professor of the school of chemistry of Nankai University

at the press conference, Tianjin Zhonghuan electronic lighting technology Co., Ltd. released the global innovative quantum dot microsphere Technology (qlumis) and quantum dot backlight devices, and the first Dekkers said that Bayer had affirmed the application of qled high color lighting desk lamps with quantum dot packaging devices in the group's strategic direction

Tianjin Zhonghuan electronic lighting technology Co., Ltd. introduced the quantum dot LED packaging device for the first time. The device has wide color gamut, low power consumption and low cost, which is the key to the next generation led display technology. The device provides excellent characteristics such as high color gamut comparable to OLED technology in the field of liquid crystal display, and will be a key device for the performance upgrading of domestic mature liquid crystal display products. At the meeting, a sample of using this technology device as a backlight was displayed. Its display effect is significantly better than that of traditional LED devices as backlights, and can be comparable to the display effect of OLED screens. According to the enterprise, because it does not need to make significant changes to the traditional product structure, and the manufacturing cost of devices is far lower than OLED devices, the cost of high gamut display screen will be greatly reduced in the future, so that more mobile terminal devices including it can achieve the display effect of high gamut at low cost

the first quantum dot lighting product was also introduced at the meeting. Relying on quantum dot LED packaging devices, the product has the core advantage of high color rendering index (RA 95, R9 95), and realizes the balance of red, green and blue light. At the same time, the product improves the accurate interpretation of different colors, enhances the recognition of edge contour, and essentially improves the lighting effect of lamps and lanterns from the light source. The quantum dot table lamp launched this time provides a variety of experimental project options for different user groups; The visual design, especially the actual simulation of the use environment of primary and secondary school students' writing and reading, teenagers' desktop lighting and high-end business people, improves the user experience from the details

Ms. Guan Baiyu, Secretary General of China semiconductor lighting/led industry and application alliance, said that China's LED industry has achieved rapid development in the field of LCD backlight and semiconductor lighting in recent ten years, with the continuous expansion of industrial scale and the rapid improvement of technological innovation ability. In the process of rapid industrial development, more independent innovative materials are needed to support the development of China's LED industry. By participating in the release of quantum dot microsphere (qlumis) technology and products, we can see that quantum dot microsphere, as one of the core new materials in the field of LED packaging materials, provides new innovative materials for the improvement of LED performance, and is at the forefront of innovation. At the same time, in the development of quantum dot packaging and lighting products, Zhonghuan relies on the advantages of quantum materials to improve the luminous quality of light sources. It is hoped that Zhonghuan will continue to do a good job in R & D and application promotion, adhere to its own characteristics, and apply high-performance materials with independent intellectual property rights to more product fields

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