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Sun Dawei, member of the Party group of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and director of the certification and Accreditation Commission of the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, visited the central laboratory

the technicians of the center carried out on-off test control in the general control room

the National Center for quality supervision and inspection of medium and low voltage transmission and distribution equipment

realized "inspection through science and technology", which is an important task entrusted to the quality supervision department by the times

how to cooperate with local governments to promote industrial technological progress and upgrading, and the strategy of "promoting inspection through science and technology" is the key

during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, under the leadership of Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, Guangdong product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Guangzhou Institute of electrical safety inspection) to comprehensively and solidly implement the strategic policy of "promoting inspection through science and technology", the construction and development of the "National Center for quality supervision and inspection of medium and low voltage transmission and distribution equipment" (hereinafter referred to as the National Center) will be closely linked to local economic construction, rely on industrial resources, and serve enterprises, Actively cooperate with the province to implement industrial optimization and upgrading, vigorously promote their own capacity-building, and play an important supporting and ensuring role in promoting the economic and social development of Guangdong and helping enterprises improve product quality

build international mutual recognition from a high starting point and at a high level to help industrial development

with the adjustment and upgrading of Guangdong's industrial structure, the low-voltage electrical appliance industry is in the ascendant. In order to adapt to the industrial development, the construction of the National Center was approved by the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission and was established as a provincial key project in 2006, mainly engaged in the detection, R & D and test certification technical services of high, medium and low voltage electrical appliances. In April of the same year, more than 120million yuan was invested in Dongguan to start construction

on May 19, 2007, the first phase of the National Center, covering an area of about 29 hectares and a construction area of 18500 square meters, was officially completed. Through the commissioning of 384 sets of large-scale equipment, 6 test systems, 27 ports and equipment worth more than 70 million yuan, it has set a record of the fastest construction speed of the National Center. On June 24 of the same year, the current maximum 450V, 280kA short-circuit test capacity in China passed the review of the National Laboratory Committee. On November 20 of the same year, it passed the peer review of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IECEE) international test data mutual recognition Organization (CB) with no nonconformities, and passed the review of the association of short circuit test? Ing authorities (ASTA), the world's most authoritative certification body for high and low voltage electrical appliances, becoming the only laboratory in China and the third laboratory in the world, It has also passed Ke, the world's most authoritative high and low voltage electrical apparatus testing organization? - Ma review

the center passed the on-site acceptance of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China on June 12, 2008, and was rated as A-level National Center. The evaluation conclusion of the expert group is: "this national center has reached the domestic leading and international advanced level". The center has become a class a national center with world-class low-voltage electrical apparatus testing equipment, testing site and environment

with the high starting point and high-level concept in the construction, the National Center after completion has obtained a number of certifications and mutual recognition of world authoritative institutions. The center has been recognized by China National Laboratory Accreditation Service (CNAs), and has become an iecee-cb laboratory mutually recognized by 47 countries in the world, a CCC certification and inspection laboratory authorized by the national certification and Accreditation Administration, and a CCC certification and inspection laboratory signed by China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and a voluntary certification and Inspection Laboratory of electric energy (Beijing) Product Certification Center Co., Ltd, And undertake the testing work of Guangdong Provincial low-voltage electrical product quality supervision and testing station. The inspection capability has been recognized by Kema in the Netherlands, ASTA in the UK, VDE in Germany, TUV, IMQ in Italy, C-US in the United States, CSA in Canada, PSB in Singapore, PSE in Japan, ITCA in Australia, and electrical and mechanical engineering department in Hong Kong

as the National Center has a wide range of inspection capabilities and a high starting point, it has been entrusted by many high-end customers at home and abroad. Ge of the United States, Schneider of France, Southeast Asia and other customers came here. In order to develop his cooling textile technology, they were very satisfied with such high-quality short-circuit detection services in China

the completion of the National Center has also increased the test capacity of medium and low voltage electrical appliances in South China and even Southeast Asia to 450V, 280kA, realizing a leap forward development, filling the gap of transformer sudden short-circuit test in South China and even Southeast Asia in the past, and creating the record of Asia's largest short-circuit test capacity of 450v/280ka/0.2s

in particular, the short-circuit test system of 280kA high current low-voltage electrical appliances simulates the sudden short-circuit fault of low-voltage distribution to produce up to 280kA current, and evaluates whether the protection and control electrical appliances on the electricity, such as switchgear and circuit breaker, can play a protective role, and whether the power transmission electrical appliances, such as the bus duct, can withstand the large fault current before the protective devices cut off the circuit, so as to avoid the further expansion of the accident. This project filled the gap in South China and created the record of Asia's largest short-circuit test capacity of 450v/280ka/0.2s

this test system uses 110kV electricity as the test power supply, through a special 110/35kv impulse test transformer, equipped with 35kV Power distribution equipment, outputs 90 ~ 1260v test voltage through five 35kV impulse test transformers, and carries out the test based on the short-circuit making and breaking capacity of low-voltage appliances at 17 test ports. The completion of the short-circuit test system for low-voltage electrical appliances is the gospel of the research and development of low-voltage electrical appliances enterprises in Guangdong Province and even the whole country. It has become the research and development platform for low-voltage electrical appliances in the country

with the construction and development of the National Center, it will continue to promote technological innovation in the low-voltage electrical appliance industry and become the leader of the industry

attach equal importance to inspection and scientific research to promote technological progress

with the goal of "building a domestic first-class and international advanced" and the purpose of serving the local economy, it has become a concept in the construction and development of the National Center

in the past, for products with short-circuit current greater than 50kA in South China, low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises had to send products to Shanghai, Xi'an, Shenyang and other places for testing, thus wasting a lot of manpower, material resources and time, and prolonging the development cycle of new products. In particular, in the past, there was not enough testing capacity, and the low-voltage electrical appliances with large breaking capacity in the province were in an unsupervised state, resulting in long-term stagnant quality and poor product quality

at present, the experiment in the National Center has greatly saved the time and cost of the experiment, and promoted the industrial development of the whole province and South China. For example, Guangzhou Schneider's expansion phase II project, the investment and construction of Fuji Electric in Dongguan, and the implementation of the province's industrial double transfer policy, the National Center has provided them with strong technical support, and the center has also become an important training base for graduate students at South China University of technology

it is noteworthy that in the course of construction and development in just two years, the bold reform of the National Center and the R & D innovation of scientific and technological personnel have presented "ten highlights" which are encouraging

large short-circuit test capacity: in order to make the system achieve the purpose of large short-circuit test capacity, this test system has made innovations in the following aspects: a. the new bus clamp with special structure is used to minimize the distance between the copper bars of each phase, minimize the impedance, and maximize the creepage distance and electrical clearance between the copper bars of each phase, which can withstand huge electric power. b. Using a new type of high current low impedance voltage conversion device, the test voltage of this test system can be easily converted, and does not affect the short-circuit test capacity of this test system

current regulation fineness: 1% fineness can be adjusted. This is because four 35kV transformers can be combined arbitrarily or operated separately. The short-circuit test capacity of single operation can reach 58mva. The short-circuit test capacity of two transformers in parallel operation is not less than 92mva, 1s/80mva, 2S. The short-circuit test capacity of four transformers in parallel operation is not less than 200mva, 0.2s/150MVA, 1s. The innovation is that the current regulation impedance combination in the test circuit adopts the combination mode of parallel impedance, which overcomes the shortcomings of using series impedance in the past, such as many materials, large mutual inductance and difficult regulation

wide voltage regulation range: it can be adjusted arbitrarily from the V range, with fine regulation fineness. Innovation: the impact test transformer adopts 4 windings per phase. The 4 windings are connected in series and parallel through the external voltage conversion device, and the output voltage is adjusted by a transformer tap switch, so that the output voltage range is wide and the adjustment fineness is fine

more test ports: more test ports greatly improve work efficiency. Innovation: the copper bar direction of the output end of four transformers is cleverly designed, so that each transformer can work independently, two transformers can operate in parallel, and four transformers can operate in parallel

large phase selection and closing current: the system can realize 420v, 100kA phase selection and closing. Innovation: a new phase selection switch and controller are developed, which preliminarily solves the world problem of high current phase selection and closing. A utility model patent is being applied for

it can generate low-frequency harmonic and large current: the system can generate 6300A, and the harmonic content can be adjusted at will

Innovation: we have independently developed a low-frequency disturbance immunity test device, which is applying for an invention patent

improve the relay protection system: the system simulates the sudden short-circuit fault current of low-voltage distribution, and the sudden large current is the normal load of the system. The relay protection system must ensure that the large current test of the system will not cause 110kV electric tripping and accidents. Innovation: it adopts up to 4-fold protection and reasonably sets relay protection parameters

pre energization warning system and live state warning system: during high current test, explosion will occur in case the test object is unqualified, and it will be very dangerous if someone is on the test site. Because the test system is very complex, with multiple power supplies, this warning system is also very complex. Innovation: adopt fieldbus and PLC warning system. This laid a good foundation for the formulation of the national standard of laboratory safety standard

high reliability: because the control part of the system is very complex and needs to work very reliably. If the traditional relay control system is adopted, when two layers of thin silk are stacked in one timing system, it is bound to cause too many control lines and troublesome maintenance. Innovation: the system adopts fieldbus control system in the test, and solves the problem of reliable operation under strong magnetic field interference

the system combines with the self-made high-voltage and high current phase selection and closing device: it can carry out the sudden short-circuit test of transformer, filling the gap that the sudden short-circuit test of transformer cannot be carried out in South China

"ten highlights" not only further expanded the influence of the National Center, but also was recognized by local governments. With the National Center as the leader and close to industrial upgrading, it gradually plays an important supporting role in providing international and domestic industrial information, coordinating enterprise scientific research and development, supporting public testing services, and promoting industrial transfer

the improvement of detection technology ability cannot be separated from the support of scientific research, which is an effective means and way to improve detection technology ability

for this reason, the National Center carried out comprehensive and solid testing of medium and low voltage electrical equipment at the beginning of construction. At present, the National Center has obtained 69 products approved/authorized by the laboratory, 1334 projects (parameters) and 4 restricted projects, with a coverage rate of 99.7% for Dr. Michael zobel. Dr. Michael zobel also listed other innovative technologies under HPM on site, and the inspection capacity of important products and key projects (parameters) is 100%. All important products can be tested according to international and latest advanced standards

attaching great importance to scientific research is an important development concept of the National Center, and a large amount of scientific research funds have been invested.

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