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Quanzhou children's shoes industry has set off a trend of scientific and technological functions to boost brand development

children's shoes brands have launched their own functional products, from the three prevention series of catu children's shoes, which are waterproof, oil-proof and dry dirt proof, to the antibacterial and odor proof series launched by qibohui and Dow Chemical in the United States, and then to the moisture absorption and sweat wicking series of Cambridge children's shoes, which is cooperated with Germany Rudolph, the world's leading textile additives expert. A trend of science and technology has swept through, and only products can speak, Moving consumers with functionality and added value is the greatest embodiment of brand value. Fu Ziyang, general manager of Fujian katu sporting goods Co., Ltd., spoke the voice of the industry

technology breakthrough of emerging brands

under the situation of relative downturn in the overall industry, catu children's shoes will add 500 terminal stores in the first and second tier shopping malls across the country this year. As a rising star in the industry, where does the momentum of catu's expansion come from? The key is the strength of our products. Fu Ziyang said frankly that for a long time, the homogenization competition in the children's shoes industry has been serious. For enterprises that develop in the later stage, if they just blindly imitate, there must be no way out for them. Therefore, catu's product positioning is to combine functionality and fashion, impress consumers through appearance, and increase the connotation of products through functionality, so as to increase the added value of products

it is revealed that catu's main functional product is three proof breathable shoes, which can not only be waterproof, oil proof, dry and dirty, but also have the effect of ventilation. Originally, the shoes introduced the new technology of Germany Rudolph, the world's leading textile additives expert. After half a year of technical research and development and hundreds of trial wearing tests, the vamp was treated by special processes. For example, the surface of the lotus leaf has a special waterproof layer, and the water droplets form beads on the vamp, which cannot penetrate the vamp. 5% and 2% are used as verification points to play a good waterproof protection function. At the same time, the special coating treatment of the vamp makes the ink and dirt unable to be adsorbed on the vamp, ensuring that the vamp is permanently clean and refreshing, and plays a good role in oil and dirt prevention

after the introduction of this functional shoe, the sales volume has set a new record for catu single products, and the return rate is very high. Because of the high value-added products, cartu has successfully entered the first and second tier cities, but it can also reach the high-end shopping malls in the temperature city that denatures plastics. The average price of each pair of children's shoes is twoorthree yuan, and the highest can be sold to fourorfive yuan. Technological and original products must be the greatest competitiveness of enterprises. Fu Ziyang said

the industry is collectively moving towards science and technology

in addition to emerging children's shoe brands such as catu, Kuding, 6 + 1 and amby fashion children's shoes, which take scientific and technological products as a breakthrough for brand development, old brand children's shoe brands such as qibohui, ABC, footfriend and Cambridge also show their own functional products to help brand upgrading

according to Chen Jinbo, general manager of qibohui (China) Co., Ltd., in recent years, the company has paid special attention to the functional research and development of products. In view of the characteristics of teenagers' more outdoor activities, the company adheres to the path of international cooperation. In terms of the improvement of functions and processes, it has greatly improved the technical content of products by cooperating with Dow Chemical, the world's leading technology company, and relying on the scientific and technological services of local enterprises Huanya shoe materials, It is more in line with consumers' consumption ideas and needs for health and environmental protection

in terms of science and technology, ABC children's shoes has formed a strategic partnership with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which includes formulating enterprise standards for antibacterial children's shoes and clothing, and determining the technical requirements and test methods of antibacterial children's shoes and clothing; Establish the enterprise anti-bacterial children's shoes and clothing testing laboratory, and formulate the management procedures and anti-bacterial performance testing procedures of the anti-bacterial testing laboratory; Carry out technical research and project development related to antibacterial children's shoes and clothing, improve the comfort of children's shoes and clothing, and promote children's healthy growth

ABC brand has reached strategic cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences this time, It will further promote the use of ABC brand commodity power econcore, which has been improved for FST (the rapid rise of flame. The relevant person in charge of ABC company said that this year, ABC brand formulated the product promotion concept of a+ premium products, love in the details, and carefully considered the details of the products that are most likely to be ignored when the estimated new output of spodumene is equivalent to a total of 35000 tons of lithium carbonate equivalent. This powerful initiative of ABC brand's cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences will provide strong antibacterial support for a+ products, and will also provide hundreds of millions of Chinese children Children's healthy growth provides healthy and comfortable high-quality products, and at the same time, ABC brand's care for children is seen from small to large, falling to the details

technology marketing boosts brand development

enterprises always lead the forefront of technology and launch functional products. One of the simplest ways is to borrow. Pangxiaozhong, director of the Institute of physical culture and sports of the General Administration of sport, said that the most convenient way for children's shoe enterprises to make use of limited funds to do research and development is to learn to use domestic and foreign scientific research institutions to serve themselves. If an enterprise wants to do scientific research by itself, it is not enough to raise 10000 engineers. In fact, this is completely unnecessary. The development of children's shoes enterprises is still relatively weak. What is most needed at present is the ability to integrate and use resources

enterprises may not need to build a large scientific research laboratory by themselves, but they must be keenly aware of what advanced shoe materials have been developed at home and abroad, and which scientific research institution has developed the advanced performance of children's shoes. It is not enough to master the cutting-edge technology to do a good job of research and development, but we need to speak out loudly. Pangxiaozhong believes that from the perspective of children's shoes development, doing a good job in science and technology and realizing their own brand value through science and technology marketing is a powerful weight to impress consumers. This is a very direct and real communication, which conveys brand personality and affects purchase decisions

Zhang Congming, chairman of Jinjiang Mingwei shoes and Clothing Co., Ltd., is deeply impressed by this. As an outdoor equipment for teenagers, Mingwei's camel brand products have many functions, such as rain proof, wind proof, ventilation and so on. Its high-tech content is the distinctive feature of its brand. Our products have highlighted a function and applied for multiple patents. In terms of external publicity, we spread these high-tech things in a language that ordinary people understand, which not only directly promoted the sales of their products, but also improved the popularity and recognition of camel brand

technology must be the future trend. With the rapid development of children's shoes enterprises, technology marketing will soon become a powerful weapon for enterprises in brand promotion. Xie Jiasheng, Secretary General of Fujian children's shoes industry association, also said that only when enterprises really transform science and technology into productivity can their science and technology marketing be meaningful

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