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Tsuen hang valve company strives to build an "intelligent" enterprise

you see, through the 'Tsuen hang intelligent execution management system' (Times), you can realize the monitoring, complete data recording and real-time information flow of the whole production process. Every production link from raw materials into the factory to finished products out of the warehouse can be recorded in real time by the system, and you can master it at any time. "

you can see that the whole production process can be achieved through the 'Tsuen airways intelligent execution management system' (Times). 17. The maximum movement speed of the piston without load: no less than 100mm/min, and any adjustable monitoring, complete data recording and real-time information flow. The system can record production information in real time in every production link from raw materials entering the factory to finished products leaving the warehouse, which can be mastered at any time. " A few days ago, in an interview with Jiangsu quanhang Valve Co., Ltd., the person in charge of the company adopted multimedia teaching to explain the "times" intelligent system

Tsuen hang valve company is an intelligent modern equipment manufacturing enterprise built with internet thinking. In recent years, the company has used big data and cloud computing technology to transform to "smart" in terms of product development and innovation, production quality control, marketing upgrading, and continuous customer service, in accordance with the requirements of "industry 4.0", and strives to build a "smart" enterprise

the company independently innovates and develops the "times" system, and uses advanced modern information technology, perfect system solutions, and flexible manufacturing systems to build intelligent workshops. Through the time system, all kinds of data are uploaded to the company's big data center, effectively realizing the monitoring and traceability of all products. The online operation of the system not only effectively improves the production quality management level and product qualification rate, but also provides a solid and reliable system support for the company to implement high-end customer Internet remote order management and personalized service, better meet customer needs and improve customer satisfaction

this year, the company invested more than 80 million yuan to import 98 sets of CNC horizontal boring and milling machines and vertical servo valves from South Korea, such as machining centers, in a clean environment as far as possible, and build a world-class and domestic first-class high-end intelligent equipment production line, which can complete the processing and complete assembly of various complex and high-precision parts. And use the company's advanced information automation technology, perfect system solutions, and the flexible automation concept of robots to solve the problems of processing automation. Through the Internet platform, using remote real-time transmission, data scanning, wireless communication and other information technologies, all customers and factories, front-end and back-end management of operation, CNC machine tool production line and detection production line are effectively seamlessly connected to form an organic whole, so as to realize the real-time collection, management and control of production data. Internally, it realizes the deep integration of factory industrialization and informatization, and the control and data processing of the computer control system on the experimental process meet the requirements of the corresponding national standards for artificial boards. Externally, it is convenient for customers to conduct intelligent real-time operation, monitoring and guarantee of the whole process of order negotiation, order formation, order execution, order supervision, order delivery and order after-sales service with Tsuen airways through the Internet platform, so as to achieve the networking of production equipment Production management automation, scientific process control, intelligent decision-making, real-time monitoring and remote service

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