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Quality standardization has become a "sharp weapon" for petrochemical to overcome serious overcapacity

serious overcapacity has become a systematic risk. To resolve overcapacity, we must take the road of marketization. Adjusting structure and changing mode, quality standardization is very useful, and we should make full use of quality standardization as a weapon. At the 2013 National Petroleum and chemical industry quality standardization work conference held in Beijing on October 31, Li Yongwu, President of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, emphasized that the earthquake resistant building was completed in 1993

Hui Boyang, director of the quality department of AQSIQ, pointed out at the meeting that overcapacity is an inevitable product of the development of market economy and will exist for a long time in the future. The key is how to overcome this problem, and quality standardization is one of the important methods. Improving the quality level, guiding the creation of market demand, resolving overcapacity and realizing industry optimization are the propositions put forward by the market economy and the foresight of this meeting

around the transformation and upgrading of the industry, significant progress has been made in the quality standardization of the petrochemical industry. According to Zhou Zhuye, vice president of the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries, the whole industry takes strengthening standards as the basis, quality access as the means, and quality innovation as the driving force, gives full play to the leading and supporting role of quality standardization in the transformation and upgrading, and has achieved good results in promoting industry transfer. In order to strengthen the leading and guiding role of standards, 962 national and industrial standards have been completed in the whole industry in the past two years, of which the proportion of standards in the new material industry and environmental, health, safety, energy conservation and comprehensive utilization has reached 45.3%, which has played a positive role in promoting industrial technological progress and product upgrading. Up to now, the current effective industry standards have reached more than 7900, forming a relatively perfect technical standard system, providing important technical support for the healthy development of the industry, and expanding the connotation and extension of "promoting industry by quality"

at the same time, through the implementation of quality standardization, the whole industry has accelerated the elimination of backward products and processes. According to incomplete statistics, since the 12th Five Year Plan, the backward production capacity of calcium carbide industry has been eliminated by 3.7856 million tons, and the backward production capacity of caustic soda industry has been eliminated by 2.31 million tons. In addition, the majority of enterprises have been actively guided to speed up the improvement of product quality and the upgrading of varieties through technological transformation and innovation. For example, PetroChina, China National Petroleum assurance strike center, Sinopec, CNOOC, Yanchang Petroleum and other refined oil production enterprises have accelerated the pace of upgrading by strengthening the upgrading and transformation of oil quality and actively adopting new technologies, new processes and new equipment, so that the oil quality meets the requirements of the new standard

participants generally believed that the forced mechanism formed by serious overcapacity forced the whole industry to make up its mind to adjust the industrial structure, change the development mode, take the development path of "innovation driven, transformation and upgrading", promote industry with quality, guide by standards, adhere to promising in stability, improve quality in stability, and strive to create an "upgraded version" of the petroleum and chemical industry

leaders from the Ministry of industry and information technology, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the National Standards Commission and the national certification and Accreditation Administration all said that the national level attached great importance to it and would continue to support the petrochemical industry in promoting quality standardization. Huiboyang stressed that in the future, the General Administration of quality inspection will only select the right fixture, and will fully support the petrochemical industry to carry out quality comparison and improvement activities, focusing on the research of fertilizer, pesticide, coating, gasoline and diesel, tire and other industries closely related to the people. The General Administration of quality inspection will give strong cooperation in supervision, random inspection, inspection and quarantine, so as to lead the relevant district and municipal governments) to significantly improve the quality level of the petrochemical industry during the "12th Five Year Plan"

at the meeting, famous brand products, excellent standard projects, quality benchmarks and brand cultivation demonstration enterprises in China's petroleum and chemical industry in 2013 were also commended

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