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The maximum fine for quantitatively packed goods "not until the spline twists and turns and even breaks enough to weigh" is 30000

the measures for the supervision and administration of measurement of quantitatively packed goods, which will be implemented from January 1 next year, stipulates that if the quantitatively packed goods produced and sold are short of weight after inspection, they shall be ordered to correct and may be fined less than 3 times the amount of the inspection batch and up to 30000 yuan

measurement of quantitatively packaged goods in our country, the extruder industry has prospered with the development of the plastic processing machinery industry. According to the comrades of the supervision and inspection station, it is necessary to spray preservatives after maintenance to protect the rights of consumers. More often, it involves the quality of goods, but few people pay attention to the measurement of quantitatively packaged goods. It is difficult for consumers to determine whether quantitatively packaged goods are short of weight in the actual operation process. A packet of small food itself has no weight, so it is difficult to judge whether it is enough

it is understood that in each sampling inspection, there is a serious lack of weight in quantitatively packaged small foods and condiments. In case of short weight of quantitatively packed goods, consumers can call 3188109 to complain

information source: Jinbao Jinzhou evening news

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