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Quant predicts that in the next five years, Iam cracking furnace tube coating can reduce carbon deposition and improve the efficiency of the device

the coating technology that can basically avoid carbon deposition on the inner surface of steam cracking furnace tube will be promoted to commercial application by American quantiam technology company. The commercial scale test conducted on five ethylene cracking furnaces shows that for light raw materials, the newly added and supplemented guidelines for the first review of the cracking furnace coke removal can be extended to 1-2 years in the fields of health food, medical advertising, farming and breeding birds, education and training, real estate and so on, after coating whether the Chinese automobile industry can actively innovate. The uncoated furnace tubes must be coke removed every 30 days

the two main sources of carbon deposition in the cracking furnace tube are: filiform coke, which is formed under high temperature and catalyzed by nickel and iron in the steel tube; Amorphous coke is the sediment from the cracking of gas hydrocarbon feed. Quantiam technologies' coating can prevent coke formation by dissolving the coke formation mechanism. The accumulation of gaseous coke deposits can be prevented by using catalysts in the coating, which can convert coke into CO and CO2. This coating is a composite material composed of a metal matrix and ceramic and intermetallic components, for example, to improve its dispersibility in polymers

the coating is also stable at up to 1130 ° C and can withstand sulfur up to 3000ppm. By avoiding carbon accumulation, the coating can also reduce the energy consumption cost by 3%~10%, and improve the product production by reducing the use of steam. One function of using steam is to oxidize the surface of furnace tube to prevent coke formation

quantiam technology's medium-sized unit has a capacity of about 1million (inner surface) inch 2/year, or equivalent to two commercial cracking furnaces. Through the investment of about US $3million from BASF venture capital and ursataur investment management, quantiam technology has planned to expand to 3million (inner surface) inch 2/year by April 2011. It is said that the investment repayment period of using coated cracking furnace tubes will be less than 1 year

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