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Zoomlion forklift: all staff quality season makes quality a habit

Zoomlion forklift: all staff quality season makes quality a habit

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on the afternoon of June 2, 2017, Zoomlion industrial vehicles Co., Ltd. held the 2017 "quality season" activity kick-off meeting, which was chaired by general manager Jiang Ming, The main purpose of this activity is to further implement the quality spirit of Zoomlion headquarters, implement everyone's participation in quality management, everyone's responsibility for quality, promote quality technology and methods, promote the improvement of the company's product quality, enhance the company's brand image, enhance the quality awareness of all employees, create a quality cultural atmosphere, and condense the innovation of all employees into quality work

"quality season" activity kick-off meeting held

at the "quality season" activity kick-off meeting, general manager Jiang Ming pointed out that in the face of today's severe market competition, product quality is particularly important. When working, we should cultivate a benign working atmosphere, have a sincere attitude when asking questions, and the person who is asked questions should listen to them carefully. In addition, we also need to think about the quality problems of forklifts from multiple angles and layers, All around the spirit of "four refinements" can be achieved in China. "Now plastic building materials have made greater and greater contributions to the construction industry and urban construction, reducing the emissions of CO2 and SO2 of more than 64 million tons, making products good and refined, and comprehensively improving the quality of products for all staff.

during the meeting, President Jiang proposed the call of" making quality a habit ". This" quality season "activity will focus on this goal, from product control, fine manufacturing Quality awareness and skill training, quality problem improvement, quality assurance capacity-building, production, so we should pay attention to the evaluation and improvement of the market quality competitiveness of experimental machine functional products, and improve the physical quality of products in strong links of value chain quality. "In our daily work and production, only when 'quality becomes a habit' haunts us and is implemented in our work, can we produce high-quality and high-quality qualified products!"

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