New application of the hottest pet in food packagi

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Pet in food packaging itself does not have a clear theme content new application

nowadays, with the launch of green food and beverage, the food and beverage industry also attracts customers with different publicity and packaging, so manufacturers also have new packaging to attract customers PET material has long been used in beer bottles for beer packaging, and PET bottles are no longer the "exclusive" packaging of beverage products. Recently, Unilever (China) Co., Ltd. successfully used PET bottles in the packaging of its "Jiale" soy sauce products. Its unique packaging form has won more favor than similar products, and has penetrated PET bottle packaging into the field of condiment production

as the preferred material favored by many food and beverage manufacturers, lightweight material has become a popular material. The advantages of PET sheet are self-evident: good transparency can better show product quality; Lightweight materials, pet with the same capacity is divided into bottles according to the performance of aluminum alloy and its production process. Jinan Sida technology products will be much lighter than glass products; To better protect the products, the barrier treated PET bottles have good sun, moisture and oxygen barrier functions, which can meet the needs of seasoning products for the performance of packaging materials. At the same time, PET bottles can also better protect products from damage in logistics and sales links

Plastic packaging materials are a major branch of food packaging materials in the 21st century. Relevant experts have clearly pointed out the direction, which is to improve the performance of existing plastics, develop new varieties, improve the strength and barrier, reduce the amount (thick wall), reuse, classify and recycle, so as to achieve the purpose of real environmental protection

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