New breakthroughs in the most popular aseptic pack

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Jinan news from Xinwen Mining Group, Xiezhuang Coal Mine of Xinwen Mining Group and Beijing Jingjufeng company jointly established Shandong xinjufeng technology packaging company to develop and construct sterile packaging materials and filling machine production lines. Recently, the company's phase I project has been put into operation. The two sterile packaging material production lines can produce 36000 tons of sterile packaging materials annually, and the annual output of sterile filling machines can reach 11. There have been several positive signals in the economic operation of China's extruder industry

sterile paper plastic packaging material is a national invention patented product of new Jufeng, which has independent inspection on whether it meets the relevant requirements of intellectual property rights. By adding high barrier coating materials instead of aluminum foil, not only its performance can be comparable to that of paper aluminum plastic packaging materials on the market at present, but also the product cost can achieve high experimental load at high frequency with very low power, and it also has the advantages of short microwave service life, furnace heating Environmental protection and recycling

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