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New breakthroughs are brewing in simulated moving bed separation chromatography technology

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the simulated moving bed chromatographic separation technology independently developed by China is brewing new breakthroughs after it has been successfully used in the extraction of active ingredients from natural products. Recently, Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural Reclamation University signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai Institute of petrochemical industry and the Petroleum Research Institute of East China University of science and technology on the research and development of simulated mobile bed equipment, which will develop hydrocarbon chemical equipment suitable for use under high temperature and high pressure. Petrochemical and biological industries will become another place for this fine separation technology

simulated moving bed chromatographic separation technology is an efficient and advanced separation and purification technology, which is widely used in petrochemical industry, food, fine chemical industry, biological fermentation and medicine. The simulated moving bed technology can realize the continuity of petrochemical separation, improve the purity and yield of products, make full use of raw materials and by-products, and greatly reduce energy consumption

Adidas energy boost, a simulated moving bed chromatographic separation experimental equipment independently developed by Heilongjiang agricultural products processing engineering technology research center, affiliated to Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural Reclamation University, adopts a rotating distribution valve, which has high separation accuracy, less dead volume outside the column, high degree of automation, and can realize continuous separation operation. At the same time, the equipment can also adjust the combined separation column according to different process requirements, and set the inlet and outlet positions of feed liquid arbitrarily, which is flexible to adapt to the separation process of separating various products

the separation efficiency of this equipment is 40% higher than that of general chromatography. It is known from the mechanics of materials that the equipment investment is small and the operation cost is low, which can reduce the processing cost by more than 50%. At present, Heilongjiang agricultural products processing engineering technology research center has mastered the industrialized equipment manufacturing technology of simulated moving bed chromatographic separation, developed the industrialized separation technology of high-purity stevioside, the purification technology of corn protein antioxidant peptide, and more than ten separation and purification technologies such as fructose and sorbitol, which jointly participated in the implementation of Green Express. At present, the center is negotiating with three enterprises about the intention of supporting transformation of technology and equipment

it is understood that the development of simulated moving bed chromatographic separation technology in China is still in its infancy, and the research progress is relatively slow. The reason is that the experimental equipment involved in the application of this technology is extremely scarce. The key components and supporting equipment of simulated moving bed chromatographic separation made in China are almost blank, and its core technology accessories have to rely on imports. At present, there are only a few imported experimental simulated moving bed chromatographic separation equipment in China. The price is very high, and the test of material separation and extraction is specific, which cannot be widely used in the separation and purification of various biological and pharmaceutical active ingredients


simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatographic separation technology is a modern separation technology, which has the advantages of strong separation capacity, small equipment volume, low investment cost, easy to realize automatic control, and is especially conducive to the separation of heat sensitive and difficult to separate systems. It is most suitable for continuous large-scale industrial production in preparative chromatography technology

The rise of SMB technology is an innovation in chemical technology, and its application scope is also expanding. At present, SMB technology has been widely used in many production fields such as petroleum, fine chemical industry, biological fermentation, medicine, food and so on, especially in the separation of homologous compounds, chiral isomer drugs, sugars, organic acids, amino acids and other mixtures

in the field of petrochemical industry, this technology was mainly used for the separation of petroleum products in the 1970s and 1980s. It itself was developed in the process of studying the separation of petroleum products. In 1969, UOP company of the United States used the simulated moving bed chromatography technology to separate p-xylene and m-xylene. This separation process is called Parex process. At the same time, UOP also applies this technology to the separation process of other industrial grade petroleum products, such as the separation of p-cresol and m-cresol, the separation of ethylbenzene from C8 aromatic compounds, the separation of butene-1 from kerosene C4 olefin mixtures, and the separation of pinene mixtures β- Pinene, etc. Toray industries has built a simulated moving bed device with an annual output of 100000 tons of p-xylene. They call this separation process as the Aromax process

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