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New applications and processes of laser marking technology in 3C industry

laser marking technology is one of the largest application fields of laser processing. Laser marking is a marking method that uses high-energy density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece to vaporize the surface material or produce a chemical reaction of color change, so as to leave a permanent mark. Laser marking can produce various characters, symbols and patterns, and the size of characters can range from millimeter to micron, which is of special significance to the fine processing of products. As a modern precision machining method, laser marking technology has obvious advantages over traditional machining methods such as corrosion, EDM, mechanical engraving, printing and so on. The following focuses on several new applications and processes of laser fine radium carving in the surface treatment of 3C products

the new expression is: mass wear = original size of the sample - size after wear application 1: laser wire drawing of notebook computer shell

at present, the market of notebook computer is growing very fast, the competition is also very fierce, and new processing technologies are also emerging, among which laser wire drawing of notebook shell is the representative of its latest processing technology

through the laser wire drawing process, it can not only ensure the firmness of the notebook shell, but also discharge the heat in time. The processing is fine, beautiful and fashionable. It combines humanization with the theme of business entertainment, adding a sense of texture and dignity

the large format laser marking machine lsd12e of Huagong laser is used to draw and carve the notebook computer shell, with a speed of 1600mm/s and a maximum speed of 10000mm/s. The 14 inch notebook panel is carved with complex carved filling graphics, and the carving is completed in about 7 minutes. Directly carve patterns on the surface of aluminum shell, magnesium aluminum alloy and stainless steel shell: beautiful graphics and neat edges are the best process to replace silk screen printing and knife carving. After carving, it is electroplated with silver, and the texture comes out naturally

new application 2: Troubleshooting: check whether the impact testing machine is horizontal CO2 galvanometer engraving machine. Oxygen is broken on the alloy surface

dynamic accumulation CO2 galvanometer engraving machine breaks oxygen on the magnesium alloy surface, and the heat dissipation strip of notebook breaks oxygen, which is efficient and does not cause fire. Radium carving has high precision, reasonable filling method and fast speed

new application 3: transparent marking of keyboard and marking of plastic accessories

large format full page marking of notebook keyboard eliminates multiple clamping and ensures the marking efficiency. The marking time of the whole page is about 15s

new application 4: key marking

new application 5: insulation pad cutting

new application underground building lighting design standard CECS 45:92 VI: UV laser marking

different from infrared processing, UV microprocessing is not heat treatment in essence, and most materials absorb UV light more easily than infrared light. High energy ultraviolet photons directly destroy the molecular bonds on the surface of many non-metallic materials. The components processed by this "cold" photoetching technology have smooth edges and minimal carbonization. Moreover, the 3D printing forming principle of UV short wavelength itself mainly includes three characteristics: FDM type/sls type/sla type, which has advantages over the mechanical microprocessing of metals and polymers. It can be focused on points of submicron order of magnitude, so it can process fine parts, and can obtain high energy density even at low pulse energy level, Effective material processing.

UV lasers have three advantages over infrared and green lasers in carving materials:

1 More kinds of materials have more absorption of UV laser

2. Ultraviolet photon energy is stronger, for example, 1W ultraviolet laser is equivalent to 3W infrared laser energy

3. It can be focused into smaller light spots

355nm UV laser wave length, smaller focusing spot, belongs to cold processing, with little thermal impact. It is especially suitable for marking the surface of glass, polymer materials and other objects, and micro hole processing (aperture D ≤ 10 μ m) And flexible PCB, LCD, TFT marking, dicing and cutting, etc

the 3W UV laser developed by Huagong laser has good beam quality, wide frequency range and good stability. It can be applied to a wider range of marking and engraving, and can mark ultra-fine and special materials. It is the preferred product for customers with higher requirements for marking effect

new application 7: laser color marking

the laser color marking machine adopts the latest optical technology and a unique water temperature control system to make the laser power stronger and the beam more stable. It has more advantages in color, transparent keys, etc. Color marking is applicable to the surface marking of various metals, molds, plastics, PVC ceramics and other objects

Huagong laser color marking machine, the marked object bid farewell to monochrome. The carved object has a strong sense of color hierarchy and vivid image, which improves the quality of products and is an innovation of the traditional surface radium carving process

new application 8: laser depth marking

laser depth marking is still less used at present, mainly used in the blackening and deepening of bearings and handicrafts. Compared with traditional mechanical engraving, the effect of laser deep marking is more fine, three-dimensional and faster. It is a new surface treatment process with great market potential

the 20W optical fiber laser marking machine of Huagong laser is used to mark the copper aluminum alloy in depth, which is applicable to the marking, deepening and blackening of almost all metals, ceramics, plastics, etc. For example, for the blackening and deepening of bearings, this equipment is a deep laser marking machine with the best performance on the market at present

new application 9: narrow pulse width laser marking

narrow pulse width laser has its unique advantages in laser radium carving: first, the pulse width is narrow, and the pulse width is generally within 10ns; Second, the peak power is high, and the narrow pulse width makes it very easy to obtain high peak laser power. Third, the size is small. Compared with the traditional laser marking machine, the narrow pulse laser can greatly reduce the size of the laser, greatly reduce the equipment after integration, and reduce the occupation of the production site. Fourth, the repetition frequency is adjustable, and the repetition frequency can be adjusted in a wider range of kHz, which improves the application range of product processing. Narrow pulse width laser can obtain finer beam quality and better fine marking effect

using Huagong laser 1.5W narrow pulse width infrared laser or 1W narrow pulse width green laser for marking, the laser volume is greatly reduced, with kHz, narrow pulse width, high peak power and wider frequency range. It is very suitable for fine marking on plastic and other materials

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