New breakthrough in fresh-keeping technology of fr

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New breakthroughs in fresh-keeping technology of food fruits and vegetables

new breakthroughs in fresh-keeping technology of food fruits and vegetables

★ introduction to compound modified atmosphere fresh-keeping technology

I. The difference between fresh-keeping and quality preservation

when people buy food, they are used to paying attention to the shelf life, and quality preservation actually ensures the safety of food, but with the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for food that only have safety are far from enough, I also hope the food I eat is fresh. So the concept of "preservation" came into being. The so-called "fresh keeping" means that on the basis of ensuring safety, food can also be guaranteed in terms of nutrition, color, texture and flavor. Fresh keeping food is original food. Fresh keeping is a higher level than quality assurance. Fresh keeping food can certainly be guaranteed, but quality assurance food may not be able to be preserved

II. Preservation principle of composite map packaging

1. Composite modified atmosphere preservation packaging is also known as gas replacement packaging, which is internationally known as map packaging (i.e. modified atmosphere packaging). The principle of the compound modified atmosphere packaging machine is to replace the air in the packaging box or bag by using the compound fresh-keeping gas (which is mixed according to the proportion of food characteristics), change the external environment of the food in the box (bag), inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria (microorganisms), slow down the metabolism of fresh fruits and vegetables, and thus extend the fresh-keeping period or shelf life of food

2. the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping gas is generally composed of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2) and a small amount of special gases. CO2 gas can inhibit the growth and reproduction of most spoilage bacteria and molds, and is the main antibacterial component in the protective gas; O2 can inhibit the growth and reproduction of most anaerobic spoilage bacteria, maintain the color of fresh meat, maintain the aerobic respiration of fresh fruits and vegetables, and maintain freshness; N2 is an inert gas, which has no effect on food. As a filling gas, it forms a composite fresh-keeping gas with CO2, O2 and special gases. The composition and proportion of fresh-keeping gas are also different for different foods, fruits and vegetables

III. technical key of composite map packaging for fresh-keeping

the technical key of composite modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging is the proportion control accuracy of composite fresh-keeping gas and gas replacement rate. Due to the different performance characteristics of food, fruits and vegetables, they are quite sensitive to the proportional characteristics of fresh-keeping gases. Therefore, the qualified modified atmosphere packaging machine should be equipped with a high-precision automatic gas mixing system and automatic mixing device, whose proportion error should be less than 2%, and the gas replacement rate should be greater than 99.5%, that is, the error between the gas proportion set by the man-machine interface of the control system and the measured gas proportion in the packaging box (bag) should be less than 2%, and the oxygen content of the new technology for the production of composite aircraft components researched by the German Aerospace Center should be less than 0.5%. Otherwise, its fresh-keeping effect will be greatly affected, and the fresh-keeping effect of some products is even worse than that of ordinary sealed packaging

IV. advantages of compound modified atmosphere fresh-keeping over other fresh-keeping (quality assurance) methods

at present, the common fresh-keeping (or quality assurance) methods of food are: (1) chemical fresh-keeping; (2) Freeze preservation; (3) Vacuum high temperature sterilization and quality guarantee; (4) Vacuum filling nitrogen preservation; (5) Compound modified atmosphere preservation; (6) Natural biological preservation

among the above six preservation (quality assurance) technologies, chemical preservation is the use of chemical agents to prevent corrosion and bacteriostasis, but consumers are limited because of their concern about the side effects of preservatives; The drawback of freezing preservation is that the taste of food changes after freezing; The disadvantage of vacuum high-temperature sterilization is that it destroys the unique taste, taste and nutrition of food; Nitrogen filled packaging can better maintain the taste, taste and nutrition of food, but it needs a sterile packaging environment, which has high environmental requirements and requires large investment. Compound modified atmosphere fresh-keeping and natural biological fresh-keeping are brand-new fresh-keeping technologies developed on the basis of the above tradition. They have relatively low requirements for the packaging environment without large investment. They only need to sterilize the packaging environment with ultraviolet or ozone and make corresponding specifications for the soft environment such as operators. Their characteristics are that they do not need high-temperature sterilization. Therefore, compound modified atmosphere fresh-keeping can ensure the taste, taste and nutritional components of the original food, It really ensures the original juice, flavor and appearance of the food

v. scope of use

(1) all kinds of pickled vegetables, fried vegetables, fish and meat products; (2) Fresh livestock and poultry, aquatic products; (3) Fresh fruits and vegetables, mushrooms; (4) Moon cakes, cakes, bean products; (5) Pickles and cured products; (6) Tea, Chinese herbal medicine and local products; (7) All kinds of food that need to be kept fresh in the supermarket distribution center

★ fresh keeping period of all kinds of food (for reference):

the fresh keeping of Western-style livestock and poultry cooked food products, stewed vegetables, fried vegetables, stews, fast food and other cooked food products in cooked food products requires fresh preservation and preservation and maintain the original flavor. The production capacity of global synthetic fiber is expected to increase by 2.6% every year. Modified atmosphere packaging combined with natural biotechnology can achieve a relatively ideal effect. The fresh-keeping gas is generally composed of CO2, N2 and other gases. After modified atmosphere packaging, the fresh-keeping gas forms a protective film on the surface of food, so as to achieve bacteriostasis and fresh-keeping, and maintain the nutritional components of food and the original taste, taste and shape. Under 20 ℃, the fresh-keeping period is more than days; Under the condition of ℃, the fresh-keeping period is more than 90 days; After pasteurization (about 80 ℃), the fresh-keeping period at room temperature is more than 90 days. High resistance diaphragm is required

the modified atmosphere packaging gas of fresh pigs, cattle and mutton of fresh livestock and poultry is composed of CO2, O2 and other gases. High concentration of O2 oxidizes myoglobin in meat to oxygenated myoglobin, which can keep fresh meat bright red; CO2 is used for bacteriostasis and corrosion prevention. The fresh-keeping period at ℃ is days. Fresh poultry use CO2, N2 and other fresh-keeping gases, and the fresh-keeping period can reach more than 30 days. With natural biotechnology, it can be sold for days at room temperature

aquatic products such as fresh aquatic products, seafood and fresh fish are perishable foods with high moisture content. Anaerobic bacteria are one of the factors of fresh aquatic products corruption when stored at low temperature, and produce toxins harmful to human health. The fresh-keeping gas is composed of O2, CO2 and N2. The modified atmosphere packaging of fatty fish is the main factor of putrefaction and deterioration, and the protective gas is composed of CO2 and N2. According to the variety and freshness of modified atmosphere packaging of fresh aquatic products, the fresh-keeping period at ℃ is days. The packaging film needs to adopt the composite plastic film with high barrier to gas to maintain the gas concentration in the package

after harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables still maintain the metabolic and respiratory activities of absorbing O2 and discharging CO2. If the content of O2 in the package decreases and the content of CO2 increases, the fruits and vegetables can maintain weak aerobic respiration without anaerobic respiration. The aging process of fresh fruits and vegetables is delayed, the metabolic rate is reduced, and the fresh-keeping period is prolonged. The fresh-keeping gas of modified atmosphere packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables is composed of O2, CO2 and N2. The preservation period of modified atmosphere packaging is determined according to the variety and freshness of fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries, mushrooms, lychees, peaches, leafy vegetables, etc. The fresh-keeping period at ℃ is days. Low resistance diaphragm is adopted

barbecue food the deterioration of barbecue food is mainly mildew. Preservation requires mold prevention and flavor preservation. The preservation gas is composed of CO2 and N2. The fresh-keeping period of cakes, bread and other rice noodles at room temperature is days; The fresh-keeping period of moon cakes at room temperature is days; Steamed bread packaging film needs to use composite plastic film with high barrier to gas to maintain the gas concentration in the package. Combined with natural biotechnology, the fresh-keeping effect is doubled

pickles and cured products pickles are easy to oxidize, mildew and deteriorate in the air. In the process of pickling (soaking), add an appropriate amount of natural biological agents, which can be kept fresh for days at room temperature after modified atmosphere packaging. The fresh-keeping gas is composed of CO2 and N2 groups of Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Experimental machines, which are generally only equipped with fixtures for standard samples. Using more than 32vdc may destroy the high resistance diaphragm of the safety barrier

★ introduction to Senrui company

Suzhou Senrui fresh-keeping equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging equipment for food, fruits and vegetables. The company uses a number of national patents (gas replacement technology zl.3 for boxed food packaging machine, gas proportion mixing device zl.3, bag packaging gas replacement structure zl.3, efficient gas replacement technology zl.1, modified atmosphere fresh-keeping box technology zl.1) created by Mr. Lu Jinyan, the general manager, Integrating microcomputer program control technology, pneumatic vacuum technology, optical magnetic induction technology and composite gas automatic mixing technology, a series of composite modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machines have been successfully developed, which fills the gap in the field of domestic food fresh-keeping, solves the problem of fresh-keeping of food, fruits and vegetables, and makes China's modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging technology reach the world's advanced level

in order to better serve customers, the company and genetic biotechnology experts in the United States jointly launched a new genetic biological agent, which is combined with modified atmosphere packaging to achieve normal temperature sales of low-temperature food and low-temperature sterilization of high-temperature food, causing a new revolution in the field of food preservation

since the company's equipment was put on the market, it has been used in famous enterprises and scientific research institutions such as Nanjing Agricultural University, Tianjin business school, Beijing Quanjude, China Meat Research Center, Hong Kong Duoyu food, Malaysia zengfa group, Shenzhen Agricultural meat distribution, Shanghai Jitai poultry, Wuxi Lu Jianjian, Shandong Lanshan group, Hunan Jiahua biotechnology, etc., and has achieved very ideal fresh-keeping effect and social effect

Senrui company is willing to sincerely cooperate with all sectors of society and provide real food preservation equipment for the society based on the business philosophy of "pursuing excellence, continuous innovation and serving the society"

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